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Pepsi NY:

"Very cool!"



" ...the mastermind behind London´s upcoming brand Tasty Cream Clothing."

See this mini interview by clicking here.



"..Tasty Cream is taking over." Read the blog by clicking HERE.



".. for Tasty Cream to serve us with some delicious outfits and make us a little bit different from everyone else .." Check it out HERE.


Daisy Murad:

"..thank you so much, they are even better than I thought they would be.."


Fiona Fields:

".. i love it, I've only been out twice in them so far, but everyone comments on them! It's amazing!"


Rochelle Ademola:

"I am so grateful, I never could find anything like this in England before... I say make way London.."


Laura Stones:

"..I need more, thank you!"


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